Quarterback Draw Football is the exciting Simulated Football Game, that lets you play three games at once. First: A real football game where two opposing quarterbacks call plays by selecting cards from four decks Punt, Run, Pass, FG/EP.  Each Quarterback gets four plays to make a first down or score a touchdown. Just like in a real game, if a quarterback does not make a first down or a touchdown, he must punt the ball to the other quarterback or loss position of the ball on the current yard line. The football game has 32 plays per quarter and four quarters to complete a game. The quarterback that scores the most points by the end of the game, wins the football game. Second: A Bingo game,  every time the ball moves up and down the field and lands on a number that number is marked off on a Bingo Card with a particular shape.


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The first player who marks off the shape is the Bingo Winner and then the next Bingo Game starts and the Bingo game is continued until the next shape is marked off to win Bingo or the Football game ends. Three: Progressive Betting Pools:  At the beginning of each Football game players can buy a box in a 10 x 10 square football pool with no numbers in it.  That player selects a box and places his or her initials in the box they buy until the pool is full.  The pool automatically assigns one team as a horizontal team with numbers outside the pool from 0 to 9 and assigns the other team as the vertical team with numbers from 0 to 9.  Each quarter whoever has the box that the two numbers vertical and horizontal vector point meets wins the pool for that quarter.  This game is progressive and allows players to play in $1.00, $5.00, $10, $25, $50, & $100 Pools.  Each quarter take approximately 4 minutes, meaning players can win from hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars every 4 minutes. With those odds Don't Just Sit On The Sidelines, Get In The Game !

Ask your waitress or bartender for their WiFi password. Click on “bet now”, select your team and odds, bet against a Facebook friend or make a bet available to anyone on Facebook or in the sports bar. If you want to change sports select “SUPPORT” and take a tour. it’s that easy.

Don’t sit on the sidelines, get in the game!

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