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Daily Fantasy Sports created an additional area of interest among fantasy sports enthusiasts.  These games are unlike traditional fantasy sports because contests only last 1 day — or 1 weekend if for the NFL and NASCAR — and, because players are not bound to a team throughout an entire season. These contests offer much greater and quicker rewards.  Let’s just say that the similarity of Daily Fantasy Sports to traditional fantasy sports ends where players draft a team of actual athletes who score fantasy points based upon set scoring rules.  Bam!


What you read next will change your world of Fantasy Sports — forever!


Enter the next generation of Fantasy Sports: Ultimate Fantasy Sports, created by Atlantis Internet Group, Inc. (ATIG).  Ultimate Fantasy Sports is where Fantasy Sports meet Thunderball to create a Daily Fantasy Sports site offering Daily Fantasy Sports games that also offer Powerball-like products.


NATIONWIDE, PROGRESSIVE GAMES, WITH MEGA JACKPOTS that make the normal fantasy sport jackpots like playing your neighborhood bingo games! UTIMATE FANATSY SPORTS (UFS) are just that: The ULTIMATE!


UFS has now added new simulated Progressive Fantasy Sports games such as Racetrax — simulated horse, car or dog racing games that allows players to bet on virtual races to Win, Place or Show in simulated races that can be played in Sports Bars or from players’ homes.


Coming Soon: Progressive Fantasy Sports will be featuring Quarterback Draw Football, Simulated Football Games that allow players to compete as Quarterbacks in a Simulated Football Game.  Players on the sidelines can play Bingo simultaneously with the Football Game.  As the ball lands on a yard line a player fills their card.  The first player to fill “their shape” on their card BINGOS!


Additional “simultaneous” opportunities are Betting Pools where players can select a box in a Football Pool.  A pool drawing is held every 4 minutes, or each quarter.  There are 32 plays per quarter and there are four quarters.  The magnitude of these numbers appears below.


There are pools of $1, $5, $10, $25, $50 & $100.  When a million players play a $1 pool, within 4 minutes they can win a million dollars on a $1 bet.  When 1,000,000 players bet $100 they can potentially win $100,000,000 every 4 minutes.  That’s what we call “UTIMATE FANTASY SPORTS!” There is no reason for you to play any other Fantasy Sports site!





How To Play

Ask your waitress or bartender for their WiFi password. Click on “bet now”, select your team and odds, bet against a Facebook friend or make a bet available to anyone on Facebook or in the sports bar. If you want to change sports select “SUPPORT” and take a tour. it’s that easy.

Don’t sit on the sidelines, get in the game!

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